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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Mixed bag for me today. I pulled the carb off my HS142F, sized up the main jet and aerated the stock cover AGK style. I was all excited to get out and test. Then while I was changing the oil, I noticed my crank was loose, went to tighten the cotter pin, and discovered that the threads were stripped, argh! The chainring itself has always been out of round, so at least I have a chance to upgrade it. But now I can't really test my jetting or even ride till I get some new crank parts since I'm on a coaster brake in back. Buddy of mine just said "weld it" and I was seriously considering it but that would just make it harder to remove to fix properly. So kind of a bummer today. I've got my eyes on either one of sportscarpat's cranksets or just going whole hog and setting up an SBP shifter kit which would require rebuilding my rear wheel with a new hub. Gonna see if I can figure something out to safely repair what I've got here in the mean time.
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