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Default Re: Your FaStEsTeStEsT friction drive 49cc? 35cc? fastest?

[QUOTE=5-7HEAVEN;61238]I use front and rear friction drive w/43cc 2.2hp Mitsubishi engines on "The Dragon Lady". The rear engine has an ADA expansion pipe. I removed the flame arrestor on the front engine.

"The Iron Dragon" has front friction drive and rear chain drive with same engines. Less friction resistance, quicker and faster than the "Lady".

Both engines work independently of each other. They are mild-mannered and I've never had any nuts or bolts loosen and fall off from vibration. [/QUOTEe33

**** yeah! Dual engine like a jet liner... Speaking of jet liners EVERYBODY GOOGLE or YOUTUBE "JET ENGINE BICYCLE" I like this idea in case one fails a backup is present. Running both for the lady in the trailer or just for speed is nice as well I am sure. ANyone else got a speedy 1.5 roller 49cc friction for a 200 pounder like me?

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