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Default Re: you're favorite upgrade

Like EVERYTHING I've done

First went from the beach tires to 1.75 width and rolled and pedaled so much better- then went to a 27 front wheel and finally to 700c wheels front and back both .

The billet intake and the Speed carb when it came along gave better steady power without bogging- though not exotic carb otherwise- love the extra shut off valve on the carb- and won't go backwards there.

Also love a front shock fork, because it keeps the bars in your hands better, when you don't see a bump coming, and a smoother ride otherwise. With a shock seatpost and cruiser saddle it's a comfy ride.

Loved going to a 36 sprocket not just for speed, but to keep the revs and vibrations down at cruising speed- eventually went to 34 alloy sprockets bolted directly to drilled smooth sided large flanged flip flop hubs and have had no troubles there, w/o a chain tensioner.
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