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Default Re: Building a bike for someone else

Originally Posted by leftywoody View Post
I know in the old days that it wasn't an issue but now and in the future we are living in a sue happy world . And no disclaimers or waivers are good enough to protect you from a vigarous lawer . If you are going to build a vehicle of any kind for someone else , you are putting yourself at risk , if a collision or a stucture failure should happen . Even if they can't win a case they can eat up any pofits you make and more in the fight .
Unfortunately you're right. If a guy were to do a volume it would probably happen eventually.

I do bikes for people, but I pick and choose carefully. Tha last one I did was for another shop owner. The one I'm doing now is for a guy who already has several MB's.

I don't think I would do one if the customer had never ridden anything on 2 wheels and had no mechanical ability.

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