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Default Re: Pedal Clearance

Probably not much help, but a 50cc motor might fit between, just a smidge smaller.

You don't have the motor with the built in CDI do you? That's a smidge wider.

If your bottom bracket looked more standard 3 piece crank I'd suggest searching cotter pin spindles on e-bay because they come in different lengths too, but I'm not sure that;s good advice for your bike, because it looks as if the cups thread onto the spindle somehow like a one piece crank setup. You might be able to replace the crank with a wide one piece crank, but that's just a guess. IF you have any one piece steel astabula cranks around you could see it your bearing cups will screw down on that- and THEN get a wider one.
The tread spacing might still be a problem even then.

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