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Default Re: Ultimate China Girl Engine

Originally Posted by robin View Post
wow where can i order and is total cost complete and assembled $300to$400?
Well robin we are just at the talking/getting buyers lined up/seeing what everybody wants stage.

To answer your question: Contact Jim Swarthout @ or phone him during business hours, he likes to talk bikes. His # is 727-483-1693. To answer your other question: Yes the 12 engines will be assembled and run, possibly on a dyno!

The main thing Jim needs now is input as to what problems most need fixing to assure reliability. He's leaning now towards making a new crankshaft for a couple reasons, Increase stroke for more bottom end torque, the crank would be balanced right out of CNC machine, can be weighted properly for displacement for quicker acceleration, no or very low vibration.

Jim knows these 12 engines are not for everybody and he does not want to sell to just anybody, you see these will be like Jim's babies and he wants them to have a good home. He said something about interviewing prospective customers by phone before accepting their order.

I'll try this another way- WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU HATE ABOUT THE CHINA GIRL ENGINE AND WOULD CHANGE IF YOU COULD??? Come on gang this is for everybody - What's the biggest gripe?

Walter F.
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