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Default Re: New to this. NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

i do believe i got it running like i need her to. Although i will say having no low end kinda stinks. Even with an air filter i don't have very good low end power.. i am running with a 60 main jet.. idk if they make a lil smaller one. Like a 58 or so but when i have a air filter on i can't run wide open until it gets really warm.. with out an air filter once it's warmed up i have no problem running wide open. I haven't had a car clock me yet just my sports app it's for running n so on.. so i say 40.1 mph but is it really running that speed??? The only upgrade I've done is put a racing carb on.. idk if that really helped on top end speed or if it's as u said luck of the draw... very happy with this kit though.. If my bike/motor ever gets stolen it won't be hard to find as there is only 1 other person in this town with a kit.. small town living... i will be trying to get my profile updated with pics n more info very soon.. want to show you all my ride.. oh n my bikes name is jenny..
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