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Default Camouflage from theives/killers on a friction?

Camouflage, disguise, and locking it down!!

I am locked in and going full throttle. I am going to get the Robin for my friction drive kit I ordered. I would like to know if there is a way to lock down, weld or do something to deter theft while locked up? If you have ideas or photos post them here. If one is cruising down the road it is always interesting to non industrious people to want a bail out package in the form of my bicycle with motor and have a fender to accomplish that task fairly well with. Smash and grab.

I am personally thinking of building a re-bar cage that has a cable snaked through it that would close access for engine removal. This would work also I was thinking of milk crates on top of the motor with sections removed from the crate and insert sides inside the crate to obscure the view from most angles. Brainstorm with me.. How about an old cooler with the bottom cut out? This can be very helpful for people who can't afford much else or just slightly boycott foreign oil. Whatever your reason for riding motorized.. I want mine disguised.

Let's all think here and save each others seats.
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