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Default Re: Pedal Clearance

The three piece crank presents a problem- on the other hand it's your chance to get rid of the heavy steel cottered (never that good) crankset.

Sick Bikes used to sell longer crank spindles, except they are for four cornered splined and not cottered cranks (Cotter pins are a pain because the cotters wear and the arms start to slip on the spindle. There were about three sizes but they went gradually out of use by the end of the 1970's.

You may want an alloy fixie crank- you can get for about $50 on ebay= much lighter and better crank then

Diamond frames also present some clearance issues at the rear stay, so you'll probably have to have a good tensioner on the chain there. You may have to flip that motor sprocket the other way.

Years ago there was a nice tank that sat beneath the top bar , but they've been listed out of stock at gasbike for years now. The tear drop gets in the way of peddling more on a lightweight frame, so don't get an exceptionally large one!

Is that a "CITOH"? Looks like their paint and lugs. I had a frame like that once..

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