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Default Re: New to this. NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by natron22 View Post
Mine was about half way out. Meaning half of the drive gear was free and the other half was touching clutch gear. I hammered it all the way in now and the gear screw is doing what it should. I just ordered 2 new one has ive gone through 2 already. For some reason they would come lose amd it grinded a hole in my clutch cover.. also because i had to get a carburetor post that kicked ut to the side my foot always hits the air filter when starting.(if im not careful) so now i have to get a new HOWEVER SHE IS RUNNING LILE A CHAMP.... i don't know what others think of the China girl or what ev theg call them lol but i love it.. i ride fast n loud.. wide open,go for i will say with running no air filter i have NO low end power so when starting out i cover carb with my hand.. I WANT TO THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL THE ADVICE YOU HAVE GIVEN ME.
That gear screw needs to be impacted in. I have an air tool I use now, but before I had it I just used an old screwdriver and caught it on the edge of then screw slot and hammerd it around until it was tight. THEN hit it with the block of wood again To see if it loosens up the screw. Jusy keep on doing it untill it quits getting loose. Screwdriver on the edge of the slot. hammer it around until it gets tight . Use the wood on it pretty good and I bet it gets loose again. Keep doing this until it it don't get loose anymore. Of course the best way is to use a air hammer/driver But even a cheap Walmart set is about $100. I used the old screwdriver method for years before I got my air tool set. It works if ya got nothing else. just remember, its never gonna go all the way flush with the clutch gear. Just guessing I'd say it sticks out just under 1/4"or so further than the clutch gear.
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