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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post

Glad the powder coat is going good.
Yeah... it's starting to go really good but part of me is kinda wishing I just went with the kawasaki green for my first powder coat project since it would have been done on the first try, but then again it does look much better the way I got it now and the extra practice really shows...

I'm kinda keeping the frame on hold right now as I'm gathering the parts to build a big curing oven, but there's still a lot of work to do on the frame to ensure it won't Crack like my other one did... maybe I'm being a little over cautious but I do want this one to be at least as quick as the first one and want it to last. I'm still going to weld in some fresh metal on that one and it'll most likely be back on the road before the stingray is since everything else on it is ready to go... just put an engine back in it and go pretty much...

I also got that cruiser I did for a customer back for some minor repairs while he's going down for knee surgery... he pulled out the throttle cable somehow and wants me to put a new clutch cable on it... he was going going to raffle this bike off as a fund raiser but changed his mind after he rode it a few times.
I kept that engine close to stock and used a cat eye jug but ported it out for more torque... and that bike pulls like a tractor and easily goes over 30mph... it worked so well I plan on doing all my engines that will be sold the same way... lots of torque and still respectable on top thru a modified stock pipe and stock nt carb.
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