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Default Re: New to this. NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mine was about half way out. Meaning half of the drive gear was free and the other half was touching clutch gear. I hammered it all the way in now and the gear screw is doing what it should. I just ordered 2 new one has ive gone through 2 already. For some reason they would come lose amd it grinded a hole in my clutch cover.. also because i had to get a carburetor post that kicked ut to the side my foot always hits the air filter when starting.(if im not careful) so now i have to get a new HOWEVER SHE IS RUNNING LILE A CHAMP.... i don't know what others think of the China girl or what ev theg call them lol but i love it.. i ride fast n loud.. wide open,go for i will say with running no air filter i have NO low end power so when starting out i cover carb with my hand.. I WANT TO THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL THE ADVICE YOU HAVE GIVEN ME.
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