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Default Re: Hello from Cali! New here, and a complete n00b to this

Originally Posted by Slogger View Post
Hi Mann,
Being new at this I can tell you what would have helped me out- it's still fresh in muh mind.
Get a steel frame with standard size frame tubes with plenty of room in the V, rims with 36 heavy gauge spokes, don't get sucked into any tires fatter than 2.2" or 55mm or a jackshaft you will be a-needing, solidly mount your engine and solder all your connections. Spring for tuffy tire liners if you hate walking like I do. Plan for and budget in some half way decent brakes (I still need one).
Do all that and you'll be way ahead of me when I started on my bike.
These guys know everything right down to which rod goes with which piston on the china dolls, if that is the engine you're planning to use.
There are many sharp 4 stroke riders, too.
You are in the right place to get it built smoothly, so feel free to ask.
Thank SLogger, I appreciate the tips man. I'll definitely look into it later on today or tomorrow. Just kind of waiting for summer to get here so I can take break from college and get to building this thing. Hopefully I can get most if not all done in 3 months, I know it seems kind of a short period of time, but that's all the free time I will have to do this, until I go back to college again in mid august.
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