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Default Re: Countersinking with hand drill?

Of all the tools that my Mothers father had we only have a pair of calipers left. They are the ones that had two arms that you set to gauge the thickness of what you were turning on a lath.

They are dated 1899 with his name on them. He would have been 13 years old and starting his apprenticeship as a tool and die maker in Birmingham England. When we asked Mom what happened to his tools she said they were spread out amongst his employees when he retired here in Canada.

The ironic part is that he was the man in charge of making and installing the lighting in the Titanic. Yes, that Titanic.

We often wonder if the calipers we have were used in the construction of the lighting.

I asked him one time what the Titanic was like and the look on his face was one of a tortured man. We found out later from Mom that he had to send two of the men from the company on the ship as required by the contract. He was the shop foreman. They didn't of course survive and it played on his mind that he had sent them to a cruel death.

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