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Default Re: what are these engines made of?

Originally Posted by dtv5403 View Post
I don't know, my buddy's engine ran fine that way, he had to tighten the screws down once or twice, but after that he just loctited them and that was that, ran it for over a year like that. At most I'd say buy the new case but wait until you actually have a problem to swap it out. Case swapping is no easy job for a beginner.
And yer right bro, If it works, It works. call me a perfectionist If ya want, but I just cant run around showing off my bike with a busted case. And while changing a case aint the easiest job but what better way to learn? These are a very simple engine with only a crank and clutch arm to deal with. Once ya see it you just say AWWWW SHYIT, THATS EASY!!! Just don't forget the three screws under the clutch.
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