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Default Re: what are these engines made of?

Originally Posted by dtv5403 View Post
Chain jumped off the drive sprocket and broke the case, huh? Seen that happen once or twice. You should be fine to epoxy it back on, but I doubt it will be more than a cosmetic repair. Seen engines run fine without having the case repaired afterwards, though.
haha omg thats exatcly what happened, i cant belive you knew lol, well im thinking its a structural repair scince the part that broke off has a hole for the longest of the three screws that hold on the sprocket cover goes through. this cover is on the left side of the engine and its part of the bottom end, will be abosute wwast buy a bottom end just for that haha the clutch is working fine even with just 1 screw holding it on anyway, but i still wanna fix it
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