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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

*sigh* Well, today it isn't so much "What I did..." to my motorized bicycle, but what I NEED to do, when I finish my morning coffee.
I already planned on mounting the extra mirror and the turn signals, and revamping the brake light (mounting in a brighter bulb and wiring it for a larger battery size) and basically getting it ready to be registered and plated according to Indiana motor-vehicle law. But now I also have another job to do.
I got it out of the shed the other day, to go for a sort of shakedown run - just in the mobile home park, mind. As I mentioned, she's not legal for the street just yet. She started far less sluggishly than I thought she would and it was looking like I wouldn't need to do hardly anything. So I'm riding down our street, where two kids are standing on their lawns on opposite sides of the street playing some kind of game that involves throwing sticks back and forth. Already, some of you might see where this is going. I sure didn't at the time. I rode between them and, by the time I guessed what they were up to, I felt a jerk and heard a ping. But I kept going just fine. I was suspicious though.
I got back to my driveway and looked over my rear wheel and, doggone it, I've got a broken spoke and a big chip in the paint on the chainstay and the wheel seems out-of-true again. A couple months ago, in preparation for spring, I'd been working on the rear wheel, getting the chains tight, checking the spokes, checking the chain guide, checking wheel trueness, cleaning and tightening and fiddling as needed. Now I gotta take it back out again, put in a spare spoke, probably re-seat the drive sprocket adapter, true it again, all that stuff.
If I'd been just paying attention, I might have seen the kids tossing little sticks and could have paused and honked my horn. They were innocent, I'm sure, and have no intention of causing damage. They would have waited until I passed if I'd asked. And I must admit, I don't know for sure if the sticks did it. But I really didn't feel like working on the wheel today. Maybe I just need more coffee.

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