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Default First 1,000 miles

Bought a Phantom Bike Kit that I received at the end of September in 2014. I completed the kit and started riding it by mid Oct. Rode it all through the winter when the roads were dry to check on my 93 yr old Mom and Day which is approx a 14.2 mile round trip from my house. My average was 3 to 4 trips a week.

Learned a lot putting the kit together and learning how to maintain a motorized bicycle. Durning January I took advantage of some down time after the snow storms and added a horn, a battery to run it and added a rear flasher and tail light.

Durning the winter months I learned how to dress to stay warm and found routes that made my commute to the folks shorter, quicker and safer.

There was improvements done to personalize the bike like moving the front hand brake lever from the right to the left side so my right hand didn't have to brake and work the throttle, a ball bearing throttle grip, a mirror, new kill switch and added a rear rack for a pannier so I didn't have to lug everything in a back pack.

I also found the motorized bike is a great workout. I use the peddles to maintain my speed up hills and to give the motor a shot of extra HP from time to time. My legs are difinitely getting much stronger!

But the best part of the experience was finding how much cheaper this sport is then any other hobby/sport I have been involved with in my life time.
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