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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Hadn't got a lot done in the last few days due to all the rain we've been getting and being so busy at the shop. I was able to score me an old referigerator for $20 that I'm going to make into my powder coat oven. This will be big enough to fit a bike frame into once it's gutted out... then I will need to buy the oven insulation and line the inside with some sheet steel. That's gonna be a job in it's self to do but I got all the metal here for it already, the insulation is kinda pricy but the temp controller and heat coils I can get for under 100 so it looks like I can have mine built for just around $200 once all the parts are bought so i'm going to hold off on painting the frame and forks until this thing is built... in the meantime I'll be powder coating all the smaller parts so I can have everything ready...

Nice color scheme Mark... That's kinda the way I'm planning to go with the Stingray and I'm powder coating all the small parts in candy lime green... I already had the regular lime green purchased then I saw the candy version of the color so I ended up buying the "almost krome" base coat and the lime green candy coat since I liked the way it looked a lot better than the stuff I already had.
anyway, your bike looks really nice... I like it
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