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Default Re: Just Got A Bike

All of the above is good advice.

One thing that I'll add is; Yep! That sort of stuff is pretty normal.

These engines and their components were made to fit as many bikes as possible. And that means that they don't fit any bike really, really well.

The rider must ride and then learn how to deal with these things. Given time you'll become more familiar with your bike and the fit of these parts. And you'll then be able to fasten all this stuff down in a way that it'll stay put.

You'll be aggravated and you'll curse a blue streak. But here's the good news; it's not really all that difficult. Once you've gained some experience you'll have that 'moment' when you realize that you've learned what you need to know and your bike has become pretty reliable.

Even then things will start to move out of place or get out of whack. But you'll mostly know that something is wrong and you'll usually know what that something is. And you'll be able to get it back in the right shape before components snap.

It's a good feeling.

But you've got to get there mostly alone. On the other hand, if you listen to the helpful folks here they'll actually be able to get you there more quickly than you'd be able to do it yourself.
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