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Default Re: Ultimate China Girl Engine

Originally Posted by Walter F. View Post
Jim doesn't copy anybody-don't know who or what a Chris Hill is but I don't think they do what Jim and I are talking about. Balancing the crankshaft for low vibration, fly-cut all mating surfaces,USA bearings, all hardware will be replaced, new intake with reed cage, and maybe making it a true 80cc engine plus more. The idea is to make these 12 special engines reliable, vibration free, with increased power and performance as a by-product. Don't know if your Chris Hill does all that but I never heard of Chris Hill Walter F.
Chris Home of the CH bicycle engine, CH80 Bicycle Engine Kits by Chris Hill, Motorized Bicycles, Bike Engine, Bike Motor, Bicycle Motor kit doesn't go to the extent that Jim and you are talking about but he builds one fine engine. I have a little over 650 miles on mine and I've never had to tighten or replace a bolt, it runs smooth, quiet and strong. You can read about the CH-80 engine here. Not trying to take any business away from Jim just letting you know there are others out there who see a need for improvements to the Chinese engines
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