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Default Re: New to this. NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by natron22 View Post
So here's an update on the power problem im having. I took apart the motor and both top and bottom gaskets i could see where oil n gas was pushing through. I had already ordered a hole set to replace all of them and waiting for them to arrive. I hope that was the issue and i will be up and running very soon. I will give you the latest when then arrive. I am also trying to get some pucs on here and update info to make my profile better.. thanks again for all of the input. I really appreciate it...
WELL, Sounds like ya got it under control bro, The bottom gasket probably didn't get hurt, BUT, Wouldn't hurt a THANG to replace it anyway. Once ya lose the head gasket they really run like crap, Don't they? Easy fix though.
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