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Default Re: Super Rat -- does a pull start fit?

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
Ok... Here's the 2 covers to get a size and bolt pattern comparison.. All the GT5, PK80, F80, and other China Doll 49, 60, and 66cc engines use the smaller 4 bolt cover, but the Super Rat is different since it houses the larger mag rotor and the integrated CDI inside.

With the Super rat cover I would strongly recommend drilling a 1/2" hole where the center of the mag rotor is so the fan can pull in fresh cool air from outside, then blocking off the vent at the bottom rear corner and adding 3 or 4 1/4" holes at the lower front of the cover so the cooling air has to get sucked in from the center of the fan and blow over the cdi then exit at the front, the small vents at the bottom do practically nothing since no cool air can be drawn in.

To make a pul start, we will have a few challenges to overcome but may be able to use parts off a CAG engine or another small 2 smoker and find a way to mount the parts to the mag rotor and a modified case half... I gotta get busy at the shop already but I'll go into more details later...

Any and all help in designing this will be apriciated, I'm volunteering my help but always open to other suggestions and constructive criticism...

what is the height of your mag cover on the super rat and the regular engine? Height of my Dragon Fire cover is 3 inches and im now curious to see if there is any difference between the Dragon Fire and Super Rat
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