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Default Re: how i made an extended front motor mount

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Great info on that. Thanks! I have a 1965 Schwinn Cruiser with a a lot of V- room space and hopefully that will help. What do you think about using the JNM vibration motor mounts in lue of?
I have a matter of the hub width in the old 1965 Schwinn - such as the plates for the rear sprocket mount assembly is to small to fit around the hub, due to in hub gears - making the hub larger. Can I jig saw the plates to make them fit around the hub and be okay? Thanks, Capt. Rog
Welcome to the forum. I've sent you a private message regarding your username.

Don't use rubber! This old subject has been hashed over here too many times to mention. Use our search feature and see what others have said about mounting an engine with rubber or resilient material. It doesn't work! Mount the engine as solid to the frame as possible.

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