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Default Re: Bike Motor Kit Dot Com

Originally Posted by dbledsoe View Post

Took a giant leap of faith yesterday and applied for an Idaho retail sales permit as Boise Gas Bikes.
Then went with go daddy to get a web site as
No web site yet, I will need help constructing it.
Hi Don,
Good for you man!

There is money to be made and fun to be had building MB's for a living, especially if it's just extra money and you don't need to rely on it to eat.

I started pretty much like you are in 2009 and doing pretty well so here are some tips for you to get started.

You secured a domain name through GoDaddy.
Now that you own the name, you can set the DNS server to point anywhere for your web site.

A good web site is what got and keeps my business lucrative just working from home.
You can ask me about that, I have my own server and made all my web sites.

offer to build on their bikes, or custom builds at their request/direction
That is the most lucrative way, and get full payment up front, it's really not worth the time, money and frustration to deal with the guy that has no money and end up just being another guy he owes.

The most fun part is trying a different way to motorize than just the 2-stroke direct drive.
Electric are meant for cold country and little 4-strokes are pretty nice.

Will see where it goes.
I'm hoping my second build will be the showcase of my talent to draw would be customers in.
Riding around is always the best free advertising so carry plenty of business cards to hand out, they seen your bike in person and cards are cheap.

Nothing else however beats really good pics of everything you build with a good description of what it is and has on it.

I can't stress good pics enough to everyone!

A consistent neutral background and proper framing, lighting and size and the viewer focuses on just the bike in detail, not the background.

I have a 'Photo Wall' just because it's easy.

I just roll the bike out the shop door to the west facing outside wall of my shop with a piece of plywood and old carpet on the ground and catch the sunlight right.

Anyway, sorry for rambling but I sure wish someone that has done this before and how they did it shared.
So I just did for the next guy ;-}
KC's Krusiers Builds
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