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Default Re: Building a bike for someone else

Originally Posted by Ghost0 View Post
I think that sounds like a reasonable price. In these times extra money is a good thing but I guess it depends on if you want to or not. I do many side jobs for extra money. I build computers for people and do custom paint work. I enjoy the extra money but sometimes it is more hassle than it is worth. Especially painting, I really hate doing it but I am told I am good at it and you can't beat the money.
Putting together computers, now that is something I "just say no". People expect the world, want it done cheap and expect to be able to use it without learning anything on their own. My brother does it all the time, but when he couldn't get one to work he asked me to figure it out. He's only been doing it for like 20 years. LMAO I have one of his discarded cases behind my TV running Vista. I tried to help him with his website but I told him he needed to come up with content to put on it

It might be that Network Engineers just dont like computers. Of course after 9/11, a lot of NE's became painters helpers for a while, I know I did. It's was a big jump from 150K/yr to 15/hr
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