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Default Re: Bike Motor Kit Dot Com

I'm doing something similar over here because I get so many people who see my bike at the shop and ask me where they can get one so ive been gearing up with extra tooling and gathering parts so if business slows down again this fall I will have another way to keep the money coming in... I noticed back in November that people are saving their money for the black Friday sales so they're not going to fix something with their car unless its urgent, then after thanksgiving I get a nice surge of customers but that falls off because they're now spending all their money Christmas shopping... then after January everyone is broke so things don't pick up until about mid February... then business picks up really strong until about the first week of November again... if I can have about 5 or 6 bikes built and sold in November and December that would fill in the gaps in income since people will buy these as gifts during this time then I can keep spare parts in stock for repairs and upgrades.
I could probably sell a few bikes a month if I had the time to build them now but this part of the year is when I got money but no time... then I end up with a lot of time but little money around the end of October until about the beginning of February so this is when I plan on building and selling the ones I'm gathering parts for now...
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