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Default Re: Bike Motor Kit Dot Com


Took a giant leap of faith yesterday and applied for an Idaho retail sales permit as Boise Gas Bikes. Then went with go daddy to get a web site as No web site yet, I will need help constructing it.

There is little help here in Boise for folks looking to build or buy a gas powered bicycle. Figure it's a gap I might fill. Start out directing folks as to how to build a gas bike then maybe, eventually, offer to build on their bikes, or custom builds at their request/direction. I'm retired so have time to do something to help other folks get into gas bikes. Maybe it'll take off, maybe it won't. Doesn't really matter to me. I just hope to provide a local place folks can go to get information... something I could not find here. Most bike shops around here are shops owned or staffed by fitness snobs who could care less about those of us who might like to bike with a bit of assist. I'm a retired mechanical engineer that has worked on airplanes, motorcycles, and race cars all my life. I think I can deal with bicycles. Will see where it goes. I'm hoping my second build will be the showcase of my talent to draw would be customers in.

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