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Default Re: Aluminum billet covers- any sound difference?

Originally Posted by dtv5403 View Post
Does a few grams really make that much of a difference?
The simple answer is Yes... They will deaden some of the gear noise but they won't completely quiet the noise down... remember back in the late 60's / early 70's when muscle cars had these cool looking finned aftermarket valve covers? the reason for these were because the cast aluminum was more rigid than the stock stamped steel so they would seal better, but the other reasons for the rigid cast aluminum was to help deaden the valvetrain noise. A lot of muscle cars back then used solid lifter cams so the valvtrain always had this noisy ticking sound that could usually be heard at idle... Adding fins to the valve covers made a noticeable difference deadening this noise. It didn't completely eliminate the noise, but it did make a noticeable difference.

Tne same goes for those sound deadening mats they sell to put inside your clutch and magneto covers, there's not a lot to them but they do a good job quieting the gear noise... Kinda the same way stuff like Dynomat is used in a lot of car builds to keep the road noises out.
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