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Default Re: New to this. NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am past the break in stage. I have gone through and cleaned everything several times. B4 this problem i was able to haul butt. Prob 35/40 mph. Now i can only go about 20/25 mph. There is NO bogging out at all. The bike starts good and runs good in low speeds. I put a new spark plug in even though the old was ok. Upgraded to a racing carburetor.. i was riding great with all that I've done for a good few days. (Heavy riding).. i was so happy that it was finally running great after upgrades n then out of the blue lost the top speed/high rpm.... i hope I've explained my prob good enough. Again im new to all this bike motors n this forum... not a good computer plus im on my phone with it's lil thank you all for your input....
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