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Default Re: New to this. NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by natron22 View Post
Natron was my nickname growing up..idk what natron means to others but it's just a name to myself..... Terrain is roadwachinagoradated my carburetor and was running strong and fast for a few days. One morning i went to go ride and only have about 1/2 the speed. The power feels to b ok just cant reach the speed i was able to b4... I've cleaned everything out. (Gas tank gas lines carburetor n put a new gasket on the intake..
don't worry friend we have all experienced this kind of situation... Can you be a little bit more clear about what's going on are you bogging at all... Also it could be your air filter try cleaning it out and put it back on and see if that helps... Also if you are in break in. It is not uncommon for your engine to lose speed and regain it... It happens all the time with these engines let me know exactly what's going on be a little bit more detailed and what you mean by half speed... Also it could be that you lost compression somehow if it is a new engine and you're in the middle of breakin you might need to torque your head bolts down To 120 - 140 in/lb torque with a torque wrench ... I cannot stress enough to use a torque wrench, a novice has a 99% chance to strip the bolt... These china girls are very fragile with certain things... But they sure do love a good WOT run !!!!
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