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Default Re: Clear coating over decals, possible solution and ?'s

You should have no problem with the decal as long as the paint won't attack the ink on the decal. I use 2 part clears as well but automotive urethanes. If you are worried about the decal this is what I do. Since your 2 part paint will last 24 hrs in the can, I would lightly fog on the first 2 coats of clear. To do this keep the spray about 2 feet from the tank and spray one very light coat, it won't look good but you are just trying to seal the ink on the decal. Let it dry for an hour or 2 and repeat. Once you have these two or three fogged on coats and they are dry, then you can start laying down your glossy coats. You should have no problem with the stock tank paint. Just make sure you scuff it with scotchbrite or 600 sandpaper and degrease with rubbing alcohol or some automotive paint degreaser.
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