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Default Re: Clutch Roller Upgrade???

Want to make your clutch easier to pull? There's a little modification you can do that will help, a lot.

Remove the clutch actuator cover, (left side sprocket cover), remove the bucking bar and the cam from the cover. Using a Dremel with a sanding disc, smooth the edges of the end of the bucking bar, rounding it slightly where it contacts the cam. No need to remove much material, just enough to radius the end and smooth the surface.

The cam ramp, or the edge where it begins to press against the bucking bar is usually a sharp edge and rough. Sand that edge off and round it slightly.

I go so far as to polish those contacting parts on my bench buffer making them as smooth as possible. When I'm finished they look like chrome.

Lubricate the parts with a good grade of bearing grease and reassemble.

While things are apart lubricate the clutch cable inside the housing and make sure there are no tight bends or kinks in the cable. I also lubricate the barrel end of the cable at the handlebar lever. Don't zip-tie the cable to the frame or prevent it from flexing as it is designed to do.

If you've installed the small spring that comes in the kit between the end of the cable and the clutch actuating arm, remove and disgard it. It serves no purpose but to increase clutch pull pressure.

Adjust the cable properly and I think you'll find your clutch pulls much easier than before.

All of my clutches can be disengaged with one finger.

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