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Default Re: Best engine kit?

Yup... I agree... it don't take much more than a dremel, a good set of carbide burrs, and a decent knowledge about porting and it don't take much else to make these capable of cruising in the 40 to 45mph range.. mine also cruises at 42 mph and that's with a 44 tooth rear sprocket and the stock nt carb... I do have a Fred head mane made my own pipe out of a ktm dirtbike pipe... each piece is matched to perform in the same rpm range, the porting, the exhaust, the gearing, and the jetting...
The engine coasted me around $160 to build and I did mine with a bottom end from Dax, an ebay cylinder and piston that I ported and ramped myself. The pipe costed me a whopping $30, a few welding rods, and about an hour or so of my time, bringing the total cost of the engine up to around $190... Fred head included.

There's really not a need to buy a prebuilt race engine when just a little porting and a little welding is all that's needed... you can buy a snake pipe or an sbp pipe if you cant weld or don't have access to a welder but that'll only add about 80 to 100 to the total price which still keeps your total price under $300
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