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Default Re: Best engine kit?

Originally Posted by Kanye View Post
I have a need for speed though, I wan't to cruise at 40mph - 45mph. Using it as a daily driver.

That's why I've chosen such moderately modded engines, heavy duty rims, and a well built bicycle.

I'm even thinking of doing a Honda GX160 build, but i'm afraid of legal issues and weight, so that's just a pipe dream.

I also thought about doing a 110cc or 125cc 4 stroke pit bike engine, but I don't have to expertise to execute that.

Looks like I'll just have to settle for the arrow two stroke.
My bike cruises at 45mph. Check out my build lots of go fast bits in it. You got to remember these things aren't super performance built and with more performance doesn't make them more reliable. My first build I got to go 45 with basically stock everything except an expansion chamber and some real nice porting and decking on the head. It's possible to do for cheap and a few hours of workbench time.
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