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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Too busy today but I did get the customer's bike back to him and he was very happy with the repairs and upgrades.. I just did a basic port job to this one and it came out with tons of torque using the nt carb and a modified stock exhaust.. his brother rode the bike home but I'm sure he got to try it out shortly after...

After I closed up shop I did have enough time to sand blast some of the parts I powder coated in black so I can redo them in candy lime green.. if I can get to the shop at least 45 minutes before I open up I will get the base coat shot on and cured. I have to shoot on the "almost chrome" base then cure it before I can shoot on the color coat so I should have some pics to post tomorrow or Friday depending on how much free time I got...
I've also been looking into making a big enough powder coat oven to cure a full size frame and the parts are surprisingly inexpensive... it looks like I can build a good sized oven for around $200 so I'm going to start gathering parts for that project real soon since I would much rather powder coat the frame and fork legs instead of painting them...
Hopefully I can have a good week this week and I should be able to get all the parts together so I can build a big oven next weekend...
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