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Originally Posted by ChrisHill View Post
Not all of us have air compressors, but those that do will enjoy Cruiser's tip.

Here's a good one for those that don't...
To slide new grips on your bars...take a drop of dishsoap on your finger and smear it around the inside of the grip. The grip will slide up on the bar without a hassle, and the soap will dry up and help to stick it there.

Just so everyone knows...the stock grips from your bike, or a fancy pair of store bought grips can be used to replace the stock grips that come with the majority of bicycle engine kits (mine included). Just work the original off and use my above tip to slide the new grip may be tight, but that is a good thing.
wow1 you mean you can slip them over the throttle grip. i have some really nice grips in my drawer of goodies and never tried but i sure am in the morning. thanks for the great tip chris
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