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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Luckily nothings bad enough to leave a permanent mark but I did hit the ground pretty hard belly first... got a little road rash on my palms but its almost completely gone already and the road rash on my belly is just a few scabs now... the right side of my belly probably has about 10 or 12 small scabs but they're fading fast... but damn... when it happened it sent a shockwave all the way up my back and neck, my teeth were hurting and my sinuses felt like they were gonna explode but I never hit my head... just stood there for about 5 minutes trying to recover but mostly worried about the bike since its not mine... luckily its not even noticeable that it went down...and it stayed running for a few minutes until I was able to go pick it up. I was mostly concearned about the bike but the customer just laughed when I told him about it...

I was way too busy today to mess with the bike then my seat came in as well as the powder coat colors I needed... and I have to walk by the packages all day wishing it was slow enough at the shop to at least get the parts sand blasted and the base coat shot on a few pieces... but of course it was busy when my stuff comes in... hopefully tomorrow I can get a few things done before I open up so I can at least get a few progress pics posted...
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