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Default Re: Best engine kit?

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
I dunno what your budget looks like, but as far as full race engines, the only true full race engines are from Arrow Racing, and Fred makes one that's pretty strong as well but kept it piston port type. I really hadn't heard of anyone racing with a bicycle motor works engine and I really hadn't heard of anyone in here using one so I can't really say anything good or bad about his engines... I know they look really cool, but looks arent always everything...
have you seen this guy's engines yet? His full race version is a bit pricy but most likely the strongest of the ones available to buy. Fred's engines come in at a close second, he doesn't measure horsepower or boast numbers but his engine is really fast as well.
Actually, I haven't, but it looks very promising honestly.
My definition of full race was exaggerated, it's more like moderately modified.

My budget is $730 and growing

Which seems to be the better option?

$500 for arrow engine.
$140 for shift kit
$50 for exhuast

For a safer, beefy build, I'll add.
$360 for Electra cruiser
$120 for Double wall rims
$70 Maxxis Hookworm.

$690 sketchy build

$1190 for safe build.

I want to go with the arrow head, but it might be too slow.

$500 for Dax 50cc KTMC
$140 on shift kit
$100 for exhuast.
$150 mounting/misc parts ?


I want to go with the KTM, but it seems like the expenses of building it will pile up.
I''m afraid of the clutch issues as well.

Even with the unknowns, i'm slightly leaning towards the KTMC.

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