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Default Clear coating over decals, possible solution and ?'s

I just received my decals today and think I found the solution for a gas resistant clear coat. A product called Spray Max 2k. It is a 2 part catalyzed clear coat that comes in an aerosol can. You have to burst an inner bladder to activate the hardener, have read nothing but good things on it in my searches. Kinda pricey, even more so to pay hazmat shipping online, but hoping to find it locally in the morning.

For those that have used it or any other clear coat for that matter, does the factory black paint on the tanks react adversly to clear coating? Once this brand of clear coat is activated it has to be used in 24hrs or less, hoping to avoid wasting my time and money if possible. I really don't want to repaint the tank, but if I must, so be it.

Second question would be about the decals. They are a grayish black on a reflective white vinyl. Was wondering if anyone has cleared over a reflective decal? I'm hoping it will still retain it's reflective capabilities when all is said and done.

Thanks for any information and/or advice
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