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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Didn't work the bikes at all today since I had to go and help the bird club at their bird mart so I got to walk around all day with our blue and gold macaw on my shoulder.. she behaved perfectly for me but her claws are a little on the sharp side and my shoulders are all scratched up now.... now I got the scrapes and scratches to match the road rash ingot on my stomach and chest from taking a spill on my customer's bike Friday while I was riding it in my parking lot breaking in the engine... it didn't hurt the bike at all but it body slammed me into the gravel at about 25 mph. I got it going too fast for the gravel, grabbed a handful of front brake and hit a loose spot, locked the front wheel and before I could let go of the brakes it had me flying like superman for about 10 feet and I landed belly first on the parking lot.
this bike has a LOT of torque so it hits 25 to 30 very quickly and I'm guessing it's gonna be able to hit 35 or so pretty easily after it breaks in.
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