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Default Re: Best engine kit?

See what I would like to see on the market is a basic engine that has all the free mods done to it to increase power while only increasing base price maybe thirty dollars or so. I've kicked it around about possibly doing something like this to sell here and there for some spare change and would be of good quality. All that you'd get ported and polish everything with a lighter piston providing better balance and a slightly milled head for a little more compression. All retaining the stock parts, but re-assembled with care unlike from the factory.

Also like said above anything from CR machine will be good quality while some of his prices are definitely ridiculous.... I can't understand anyone paying a ludicrous amount for just a cylinder jug that's been ported out when the chrome lining on these can't seem to hold together for more than a month! (nevermind on that part because it doesn't seem that he sells just ported jugs anymore.)

What I personally would do is just grab a thatsdax engine. He provides some cheap kits with upgraded bearings that are pretty nice for a decent price. Then learn to mod these out yourself and save yourself loads of cash.

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