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Default Re: Best engine kit?

Any engine purchased from Fred at is going to be a good engine since he goes thru each one, trues the cranks, uses the good bearings, etc... His performance engines are also really nice with a very noticeavble difference over stock.

Bicycle Motor Works also sells performance engines and he goes thru them as well to correct the factory short comings but I'm not sure if he does anything with the bottom ends or not. He does sell some really cool looking engines tho, but I've never tried them or heard of anyone in here who bought one.

If you want a really good stock engine kit for a decent price then Dax is the way to go with his balanced engines, these are very reliable and they run a LOT smoother than most others. Go to and look around, his engines are some of the best.

Another really good engine is sold by and his kits cost around $200 or so but his engines are also balanced and gone thru, he's another one I'd buy from.
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