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Default Re: New to the motor bicycle world!

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Some years ago I had a 63 Schwinn American Deluxe and installed my first China girl kit. What a learning experience that was. Like you, I found the pedal crank did not have clearance with the motor... just a wee bit, but enough to make it not work. Someone suggested trying a crankset from a bike made in Japan or China as they are a little wider. I did and it was enough to make the difference. So, I would suggest installing your crank from your old bike, to see if that does the trick. You'll need to swap the whole thing since the threads will be different if the Schwinn was made in America. If it was, congratulations on a good choice for your motorbike. Don't expect breaks in the frame if it came out of Chicago. I do know that after Schwinn was sold and came out of Taiwan that those bikes were also well made as I had one and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. I have no experience with the Schwinn currently being sold, I believe out of mainland China. Good luck to you.

This is an older schwinn. I will have to do some research on how old it really is though.

Your suggestion about swapping the cranks would be ideal, but there is no way that will happen. The crank on the huffy has a way bigger diameter than the schwinn crank. Ive looked at other options, such as, the wide crank pedal set from one of these motorbike sites, and im not sure those will work either with how small the diameter is on the schwinn.

back to the drawing board.
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