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Default Re: New to the motor bicycle world!


As i was driving down the road the other day, i spotted a garage sale, only a few blocks from my place. He had a few bikes sitting outside, so i got out and picked up a blue schwinn road/cruiser style bike. i will have to snap a photo of it this weekend.

I already got the motor mounted and then ran into some issues with the rear wheel set up. I wanted to use my coaster hub wheel from my old huffy onto my new bike only to find out that the axle length is too short, but then noticed that the 'Heavy duty' wheels from bikeberry have a longer axle (about 180mm).

To get a better idea, the distance between the inside of the swing arms (where the axle sits) on the huffy is about 4" and the distance between the swing arms on the new bike is about 5" There will be about a 1/2" gap between the hub and the new bikes swing arm, so i will have to use a spacer to compensate.

Also another issue is that the pedal is hitting the motor. Either i am going to fab up some new pedals or grind/bend the existing ones. Anyone have experience with this?

will update soon with pics.
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