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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

So today's progress was mostly on the stingray frame... finally got it stripped all the way to bare metal... now its time to start making the gussets and doublers for the lower frame and seat post tubing. I'm also thinking about somehow making an in frame fuel tank or at least making a custom tank that'll look a lot better than a Chinese peanut tank on that frame...
I also ordered the powder coat colors I will be using so I'll have it when I'm ready and I got most the chrome blasted off the parts that will get powder coated. Now I definitely need to get my argon bottle filled because I'm ready to start welding.

After I closed up shop I took out the customer's bike and worked on breaking in the engine by taking off hard and slowing down over and over in my parking lot...this one has a LOT of torque and feels like it'll reach at least 30mph or more once the engine loosens up some more. The engine is already becoming easy to start and its also starting to run a lot smoother so this one will be nice for whoever ends up with it... the owner has decided he's going to raffle it for some type of benefit so I am thinking about donating a Fred head and a decent pipe before giving it back if I can get the parts before he picks it up. Pretty much all I've done to this engine was widen the intake and exhaust ports, clean up the transfers and open up the transfer tunnels, then I ramped the piston down 1mm at the exhaust and the same at the transfers but aimed the transfer ramps more toward the intake side, and I also cut 5mm off the intake side of the piston skirt. I used a stock pipe but drilled 4 more 5/16" holes thru the end cap and a few extra holes in the pipe inside the muffler. The bike is still nice and quiet but the exhaust flows really nice. The carb is a stock nt with the stock air filter and stock steel intake manifold that had some dremel work to match up to the intake port so this engine does have some potential to make a lot more power with a real pipe and a better intake if the final owner so desires... I set this engine up to make good torque but it should be capable of 35 to 40 mph with the right pipe and a straight intake along with a 40 tooth sprocket...
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