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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by WECSOG View Post
I had a '68 shortbed Ford with a cammed and Holley carbed 390 and 3 on the tree. It was pretty quick. Now I have a '77 shortbed 4x4 Ford with cammed and Holley carbed 460, granny low 4 speed and NP205.
Nice... also had a 4x4 75 blazer with a cammed 350 with a performer rpm intake, Holley 750 vacuum secondary with the trick kit, headers, and dynomaxes with a turbo 350 automatic and np203 full time 4 wheel drive, even tho this one weighed about 5500lb and it was a small block it could still pull a low 15 second quarter mile and it could usually beat most 5.0 mustangs from stop light to stop light... that thing would also top out around 120 or so... it was pretty nerve racking when it buried the speedometer and was still accelerating really good when it had a 4" lift kit and 33" tires... I never fully topped it out because I would always back off once it buried the speedo...
I was looking for a np205 transfer case for it since those cases were bullet proof and you could take it out of 4wd when not needed.

Now I have an 86 nissan 720 4x4 that I'm getting ready to put a real engine in to replace the wimpy little 2.4 4 banger.... I was going to put a turbo on that engine but that would only bring it to around 200 or so Hp unless I totally rebuilt it with lower compression and forged pistons... basically to get it passed the 300 Hp mark it would cost a lot less to just drop a small block in it and it would be a lot stronger so I'm looking for either a 5.0 ford or an older Chevy 350 for it.
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