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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
So true about looks sell...
you can build a rock solid dependable and quick bike but spend no time making it look good and someone can slap on a cheap ebay kit that's hard to start, shakes like crazy with a too speed of 25mph but looks awesome with chrome and billet parts etc and that bike will sell quicker than the fast good running one... and at a much higher price...
Yep, but personallyId mu h rather have and old Maveric Grabber with a 429 CJ shoe horned off in it than a new Camaro with a 4 or 6 banger in it...

Speed is what I need... all the Bling dont make me sing....!!!

All this said I honestly want to have a couple of really nice looking bikes tha5 run as good as they look, and I will eventually just a matter of time when I can find it and Ill have Taffy going and she'll look fairly good I think.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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