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Originally Posted by crassius View Post
in my experience, when folks take notice of something the govt regulates it into extinction

note the thread from oz about having to prove at any officer's discretion that your bike is so slow that it is useless for a daily commute
You make a good point, but as long as people ride responsible, I think most places it will still be per.ittex for a long time.

I do know of one place here in Texas where they have banned motorized bikes in the city from wha5 I have been told, I have family that lives in Corpus Christi and they told me they were racking down and had banned them because of all the people that were riding the motorized bikes in the bicycle lanes, I guess the pedal power or nothi g people must have made a big stink and most likely there were idiots doing 40mph in busy areas and either having some wrecks or near misses so they made themselves look like a danger to others and got the curtain pulled on everyone there.

I haven't looked to see if I could find anything listed online about the ban I was told they instated, but some of my kinfolks down there told me about it and that is what they have heard.
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