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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Got my new hub adapter and billet mounts for the Stingray today... still deciding whether to leave them bare aluminum or to powder coat the pieces... The parts look awesome and the machine work finish is superb so I'm kinda leaning toward leaving the stuff bare to show them off, but at the same time if I powder coat them they'd really look cool in a transparent black or a candy lime green... If I go with a transparent color the machine work will still show thru so that's most likely what I'll end up doing here... I will do a test piece before doing anything to the billet parts because this stuff is Very hard to get back off once baked on.

Got my blast cabinet fully functional and got all the surface rust and chrome off the fork legs and pedal cranks These parts will all get powder coated when the time comes as well, but I need to order some more powder in the colors I decided to do this one in... I did powder coat the top part of the tripletree and didn't like the way it came out so I decided to sandblast it bak to bare metal and I can now assure everyone just how tough the powder coat finish really is... I had an easier time blasting the chrome off the pedal cranks than trying to get this powder coat off... This is a good thing as far as durability goes, but not so fun trying to remove it when a part just simply needs to be redone. I'm still pretty new to the powder coating thing so some mistakes have been made, but for the most part I'm happy with the parts that's gone thru the process so far. I just decided after I already did the tripletree parts in black that they need to be candy lime green since the fork legs will be black.

Got the frame a little closer to bare metal... I stripped off the paint the other night and when I was about done I set the frame aside in the shop, went to do some wire wheel touch ups on the strip job today to find out that it has a layer of silver that the paint stripper left intact so I'll strip off that layer tomorrow after I close up shop, then I'll have the frame ready for welding. Since I now have the billet mounts I can mount one of my empty cases to the frame so I'll know which areas to avoid and which areas I don't have to worry about clearance issues etc...

Yup... progress on this build is a LOT slower than my first build, but I want this one to look awesome when done and I'm in no rush to get an engine on it and get it running, just work it as I can and when it's done it's done...
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